Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can we have your attention please? We have an announcement to make!


Yay!! The whole world knows now!!! We've waited so long to completely let the secret out because Emily wanted to keep it a secret until her candlelighting at Kappa!! She was supposed to do her candlelighting the first Monday of school but the ice storm hit and she wasn't able to do it! She was very sad until her roomates and best friends decided to have a pre candlelighting candlelighting party! It was soo much fun! They toasted with champagne and played Sing Star all day on the PS2, while it was getting really icy outside.

Then on January 31st we had an engagment party hosted by our parents Kim & Tim McGee and Cyndi & Dan Hayes! It was at Redpin Bowling in OKC, Ok. It was a blast and was a great beginning to wedding party memories. Look how cute our wedding party is!

The beautiful bridesmaids got us a beautiful cake too! It was beautiful and tasted sooo yummy!

Emily's Mom made the cutest T-shirts for her bridesmaids!!! They were soooo stinkin' cute and said "ED's Bowling team" on them for Emily and Daniel! And Emily's said CAPTAIN on the back! They were so precious!!!

Here's some more pic's of our fabulous wedding party at our engagement party!

Emily's mom made beautiful centerpieces too! Which included a flower center piece with little diamond rings in it. As well as two large martini glasses filled with candy toped with what looked to be a giant olive & stick like you would see in a real martini, made out of suckers and large green gumballs. It was perfect! There were also pics from the night we got engaged in pretty frames on the table. She did such an amazing job! Thanks mom!!!

After Redpin we all came back to Norman to have some intense games of Sing Star and share even more memories!

So next on the agenda was Emily's candlelighting that she had been waiting on for so long!

Emily's candlelighting was on February 2, 2009 located at Kappa Hall and it was the final announcement at their 9:00 Chapter. Emily had class before so she had to act quickly and hid the ring in her pocket. She was sooo nervous but had to act "cool" about the whole thing so people wouldn't have a clue it was her. As tradition of a candlelighting, the pledge class of the person that is engaged circle up and sing a traditional song "I found my man, my KAPPA man!" As everyone at chapter is standing around the circle they are also singing and a candle is being passed around the circle. One time around is to get everything together, if someone blows out the candle during the second time around it signifies that the girl got "dropped" by her boyfriend & then finally if someone blows the candle out the third time the candle goes around it signifies that the girl who blew it out is ENGAGED!

And so it begins!

Just after Emily blew out the candle! How exciting!

Showing off the bling and telling the story! Emily started crying during it because she was sooo happy! :)

Emily's beautiful bridesmaids that are KAPPA'S

Emily's pledge class after her candlelighting!

After the candlelighting Emily's friends suprised her and had some of her closest friends at a resturante called Seven47 waiting for her for a champagne toast! It was perfect!

It was a fantastic beginning to an amazing engagement! We thank all of our families, wedding party, friends and guests for making our engagement so special. We love each & everyone of you!

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