Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springing from LOVE!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our site from the BEACH!

SB'09 was AMAZING y'all! We had soo much fun in Destin!! First we drove down on Friday/Saturday March 14th, but it was a little rainy...boo! But nooo worries it soon cleared up a couple of days once we got there and it was sooo great!! Emily's legs looked like lobsters + Daniel's arms feeling like they were about to fall off from playing too much volleyball = ONE GREAT SPRING BREAK. (I seriously had to pry his body away from the volleyball court.. he is such an athletic boy! I hope our kids get that gene from him!!) Emily played volleyball too with her roomates against the OSU kappa girls... but sadly they lost! :( o0o0 well we will forsure be having rematches at our rehearsal dinner!!! This past week was just sooo relaxing and great! We had such a fabulous time not only on the beach but just being able to see each other everyday!!!

When we weren't on the beach soaking up the sun we went out in beautiful Destin Florida and spent some great memories with our greatest friends!

Sooo much fun with my pretty roomates!

We just had to get a pic of our wedding party in DESTIN!!

"Soon to be's" laying out on the beach!

Saint Patricks Day!! All the girls out on the beach in our GREEN!

A kiss goodnight from the "soon to be Mr. & Mrs."

We love all of you and our greatest appologies for slacking in the blog world... we have just been soooo stinkin' busy with school and such! Thanks for keeping up with the Future Hayes'

Love--Dan & Em